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The Melancholic-Choleric combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary temperament need is to do things right. The secondary need is to get results. Either need may dominate behavior depending on the situation.

When the Melancholic and the Choleric natural tendencies are combined, it produces a detail-oriented person who pushes to get results. They have a strong drive to tell others what they know, and what to do. This combination naturally likes to teach or train others what they know.

The Melancholic-Choleric is a systematic and precise thinker. They follow self-imposed, strict procedures in both their business and personal lives. The Melancholic-Choleric has a firm, serious expressions, and they rarely smile.

They not only want to do things right and get results, they strive to figure out what is right. The Melancholic-Choleric is, therefore, more pushy and blunt than the other Melancholic combinations. They can be abrasive and offensive when communicating with others. The Melancholic-Choleric is attentive to details and push to have things done correctly according to their standards. They have high standards for themselves and others. They can be a perfectionist about some things. They will resist change until the reasons are explained, defended, and accepted.

They are sensitive and conscientious. They can behave in a diplomatic manner, except when it comes to deviating from their standards. The Melancholic-Choleric can be too forceful in insisting the right way (or their way) be followed.

They are not socially active, preferring work and privacy to being with people. The Melancholic-Choleric may have some difficulty in relationships because they are not flexible, and they have a brief, direct, sometimes blunt manner of communication.

The Melancholic-Choleric tends to make decisions slowly because of their need to collect and analyze information (several times) until they are sure of the right and best course of action. The Melancholic-Choleric is not a frequently found combination.

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