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The Melancholic-Phlegmatic combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary temperament need is to do things right, and to figure out what is right. The secondary need is to be accommodating. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation.

When the Melancholic and the Phlegmatic natural tendencies are combined, it produces a detail-oriented person who is very analytical, accommodating, and will cautiously plan their way through life. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic is naturally skilled at analyzing everything they do and everything that happens in their life. They are driven to answer the question “why” before acting.

The Melancholic-Phlegmatic is the most consistent of all the Melancholic blends. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic prefers being alone most of the time. They are not socially active, preferring to be with family, or a few close friends. When at a social event they usually do not stay for a long period of time. In order to function well, they need information, time alone to think, and a plan from which to operate. They like working privately on a project. They are usually very well organized, and they tend to operate from a list—it may be written down or they just remember what needs to be done. If they are not neatly organized, they know what’s in those piles!

The Melancholic-Phlegmatic is a pleasant and accommodating person who tends to seek a structured environment requiring attention to detail. They have a self-sacrificing, self-critical nature, and struggle with guilt feelings about things that are not often their fault. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic is more conscientious and private than the other Melancholic blends. They are systematic, precise thinkers who tend to follow procedures in both their business and personal lives. They will withdraw from aggressive people. They will have difficulty putting pressure on others. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic can become aggressive to restore harmony to their environment.

The Melancholic-Phlegmatic makes decisions slowly because of their need to collect and review information until they are sure of the right and best course of action. This is especially true when involved in a new project.

The Melancholic-Phlegmatic is good at anticipating problems, and determining options to solve a problem, but they are not good at taking action. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic has difficulty going to sleep because they are thinking about, well, everything!

The Melancholic-Phlegmatic feels safe to think, review, and plan when they stay up after the rest of the family has gone to bed. Males in particular like staying up late at night to flip through the TV channels. Someone said that men do not want to watch TV, they just want to see what’s on the next channel!

They have a strong sense of justice (what is right and wrong). They like quality things. They resist change until reasons are explained, defended, and accepted. They resist changing their plan, especially if the change is sudden. They need pushing to be sociable, beyond their family and close friends. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic often has a Sanguine as a close friend because they like their fun nature and carefree attitude. The Melancholic-Phlegmatic is a frequently found pattern.

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