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The Melancholic-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary temperament need is to do things right, and to figure out what is right. The secondary temperament need is to be accepted socially. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation.

When the Melancholic and the Sanguine natural tendencies are combined, it produces a detail-oriented person who, enjoys some social activity. The Melancholic-Sanguine is naturally skilled at being diplomatic with others in a way that avoids tension and restores unity. They can become assertive to restore harmony to their environment. The Melancholic-Sanguine is the most friendly of all the Melancholic blends.

The Melancholic-Sanguine needs to be alone most of time, and they need to be with people some of the time. When alone they will likely review the day and plan for tomorrow. The Melancholic-Sanguine has a natural smile. They are analytical, systematic, and sensitive to the needs of others. This is a versatile, productive individual who works well with most anyone. The Melancholic-Sanguine likes to have fun and laugh when they feel comfortable and accepted. They can be very talkative at times. They have high personal ambitions but often fail to achieve their dreams because of their lack of taking action.

The Melancholic-Sanguine tends to be a well-balanced, precise thinker, who tends to follow procedures in both their business and personal lives. They are mostly well organized; sometimes only selectively organized. The Melancholic-Sanguine will be friendly toward new people after they warm up (but can be initially friendly at times).

They like to do things right according to their standards. They like quality and status things. They are very conscientious. The Melancholic-Sanguine needs some mobility rather than sitting for long periods of time. They can be very sensitive to criticism and may react with strong emotion.

The Melancholic-Sanguine makes decisions slowly because they are analyzing their options. They need to be sure of the right and best course of action. This is especially true when involved in a new project.

At times they may have difficulty going to sleep due to excessive thinking or concern. They generally like to ease into the day instead of rushing into activity. They prefer others to wait awhile before talking to them after they awake in the morning.

The Melancholic-Sanguine struggles with having guilt feelings, even about something that is not their fault. They tend to be apologetic. The Melancholic-Sanguine is a frequently found pattern.

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