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The Phlegmatic-Melancholic combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary temperament need is to be accommodating. The secondary need is to do things right. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation.

When the Phlegmatic and the Melancholic natural tendencies are combined, it produces an accommodating, routine person who is concerned about doing things right. The Phlegmatic-Melancholic is a natural helper and is the most consistent of all the Phlegmatic blends. The Phlegmatic-Melancholic is a frequently found pattern.

The Phlegmatic-Melancholic needs to be alone most of the time and to spend time with their family. They are nice, gracious, and cordial people. They rarely show emotion or affection. They are routine, consistent, and loyal. They have a strong desire for independence and will resist change, especially sudden change. The Phlegmatic-Melancholic is accepting and tolerant of others. They have a stoic expression (flat affect). They are more consistent and non-emotional than the other Phlegmatic combinations.

They are naturally routine, accommodating, family-oriented, and passive about most things. They are patient, self-controlled, and deliberate in their behavior. They are amiable and easygoing, and slowly pace their way through life. They tend to have a long life-span because they do not get stressed like the other temperament combinations.

This determined and persistent person brings a deceptively focused approach to the task. Being low-keyed outwardly, their emotional involvement in a task is not easily observed. They are calm, steady, and persevering. The Phlegmatic-Melancholic is successful because of persistence. After starting a project, they will usually see it through to completion—they rarely give up.

The Phlegmatic-Melancholic is independent, questioning, and thorough in their approach, and will follow through. They want to operate by themselves and set their own pace. They are very possessive of family time, material things, and friends. Once their mind is made up, they will resist any other method or approach.

The Phlegmatic-Melancholic prefers routine work and involvement with a limited number of people. They approach a task with calculated moderation. They are always willing to help those they consider to be their friend. They have a difficult time saying no. They have great difficulty confronting or pressuring others, but when they do they can be sarcastic and slightly offensive. They become sleepy when sitting still after only a few minutes, and will go to sleep very quickly.

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