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The Sanguine-Melancholic is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to be accepted socially. The secondary need is to do things right. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation.

When the Sanguine and the Melancholic natural tendencies are combined, it produces a people-person who is sensitive, creative, and detail-oriented. The Sanguine-Melancholic is more formal and emotional than the other Sanguine blends. This combination is naturally able to perform in front of others to meet the need of the moment. The Sanguine-Melancholic is a frequently found pattern.

The Sanguine-Melancholic needs to be with people most of the time, but some of the time they need to be alone. When alone they will likely think, review, plan, and be creative. They need information, time to think, and a plan; they function best, and more effectively, when they have a detailed plan. Once they have a plan, however, they may not be consistent or follow through because of the fear of failure. Once the fear of failure is overcome, there is not much they cannot do as well, if not better than, anyone else.

The Sanguine-Melancholic has a very active, vivid imagination causing them to be creative in many areas like music, the performing arts, writing, decoration, problem solving, etc. They tend to be very image conscious and actively seek recognition for their achievements. The Sanguine-Melancholic has a deep need to know that they will be accepted by others. They often struggle with questions like, “Why did I do that?”, “Why didn’t I do something else?”, “Did I say that right?”

They are usually well organized. Being organized does not necessarily mean that everything is neatly in place. Being organized can also mean that you know where everything is located—if you know what’s in the piles, then you’re organized!

Information about their job is very important to them, so they may ask many questions before accepting a task. They tend to be cautious because they have a deep need to make a favorable impression. They like status and quality things.

They often have difficulty going to sleep because they are thinking too much; reviewing, planning, fretting, or creating. The Sanguine-Melancholic’s emotions may fluctuate, especially if they are embarrassed or they have been, or may be, rejected. They can do things to an extreme.

The Sanguine-Melancholic tends to warm up slowly to new people because they are unsure of how they are being received. Once they feel safe or accepted, they become more friendly.

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