The Ridonculous Race (Click Me)

ESFJ - 2w3 - sx/so - 279 - Sanguine-Phlegmatic - EFVL - SLOAN - Lawful Good - ESE

Having been best friends since they were children, Devin and Carrie make a great team, but Carrie had always secretly been in love with her partner and fears that telling him will ruin their chances of taking home the grand prize (as well as their friendship). As the Race progresses, she tries to move on from Devin and stop having feelings for him as she was tired of waiting to confess to him, unbeknownst to her that Devin has begun to realize the importance of Carrie in his life and that he has feelings for her as well and it is revealed that she was never over Devin at all and is still in love with him. Throughout the race, Carrie shows herself to be a shy and somewhat submissive person, but over the course of the race, she stands up for herself and becomes more assertive. Despite her displays of shyness sometimes, Carrie's not afraid to branch out and befriend with her fellow competitors, showing herself to be a friendly person who loves to meet new people.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ESFJ (26)

INFP (10)

ISFJ (5)


2w3 (18)

Instinctual Variant

sx/so (3)

so/sp (1)


279 (4)

269 (2)


Sanguine-Phlegmatic (5)

Phlegmatic-Sanguine (2)

Attitudinal Psyche

EFVL (1)

SLOAN (Big 5)


Alignment System

Lawful Good (2)


ESE (3)

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