Susa y Epifanio (Click Me)

Don Epifanio was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico sometime near 1945, and claims to having been raised in an upper class subsection of town called "La Rambla" (named after La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain, a city after which many of Ponce's features and landmarks have been modeled). In reality, according to their one-time producer, Luisito Vigoreaux, Don Epifanio was born on the coastal sub-section of La Guancha, which is a working-class neighborhood. Since ponceños (the inhabitants of Ponce) have a reputation for being very fond of their hometown at best -and have a rather snobbyish attitude about it at their worst, in a way that reminds people of the civic pride of Texans with long-term genealogical ties to the state (Ponce is named after Juan Ponce de León's family) have about it-, Don Epifanio considers Ponce to be heaven on Earth, and is a constant promoter of the phrase: "Ponce es Ponce y lo demás es parking" ("Ponce is Ponce, and the rest –of Puerto Rico- is parking).

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