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“Rock Me Amadeus” is a song recorded by Austrian musician Falco, for his third studio album Falco 3 (1985). The single was made available for physical sale in 1985 in German-speaking Europe, through A&M. “Rock Me Amadeus” was written by Falco along with Dutch music producers Bolland & Bolland. To date, the single is the only German language song to peak at number one of the Billboard Hot 100, which it did on 29 March 1986. Originally recorded in German, the song is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his popularity and his debts. A longer version (eight minutes), named the “Salieri Mix”, appeared on the initial US release of the album Falco 3. The song was inspired by the movie Amadeus. For the US release, the song was remixed with an English background overlay. There was never a full English version. It topped the singles charts on both sides of the Atlantic. It was Falco's only number one hit in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Instinctual Variant

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Sanguine [Dominant] (1)

Attitudinal Psyche

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SLOAN (Big 5)



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