Jugglus Juggler

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ENTP - 3w4 - sp/sx - 358 - Sanguine-Choleric - Chaotic Neutral - SLE

Jugglus Juggler (ジャグラスジャグラー Jagurasu Jagurā), also called Juggrus-Juggler in some sources, is the former villain of Ultraman Orb, the main antagonist/deuteragonist of the Ultraman Orb Chronicle, and Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb's partner turned archenemy turned rival. While both Gai and Juggler appear to be human, the duo are in fact elite warriors from another planet. Juggler's rivalry with Gai stems from the fact that he was not chosen by the light on Planet O-50, and was denied the ability to become an Ultra Warrior. As such, Juggler's initial plans to revive the Lord Monsters stems from his deep-rooted disapproval of what happened back then. Juggler returns in Ultraman Z under the alias Shota Hebikura (蛇倉ヘビクラ正太ショウタ Hebikura Shōta), acting as the captain of the anti-monster team STORAGE.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ENTP (2)


3w4 (1)

Instinctual Variant

sp/sx (1)


358 (1)


Sanguine-Choleric (2)

Alignment System

Chaotic Neutral (1)


SLE (1)

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