Logger Vick

Boonie Bears (Click Me)

ENTP - 3w4

Vick (光头强; 光頭強; Guāngtóu Qiáng) is a logger. He often runs into the bears who try to stop him from cutting down the trees in the forest. He is bald, so he wears a hat or an equestrian helmet to hide his head. He is often seen carrying a chainsaw or a shotgun and he usually wears a jacket and jeans. Every time he is defeated by the bears, he tries to think of a plan on how to get revenge. These plans usually end in failure. In Boonie Bears the Adventurers, Vick quits logging and becomes a tour guide. (Voiced by: Paul "Maxx" Rinehart)

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ENTP (3)

ESFP (1)


3w4 (2)

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