Maako Kitani

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ESFP - 7w8 - sp/sx - 782 - Phlegmatic-Choleric - VELF - SCUEI - LSE

Maako Kitani (喜谷 真亜子 Kitani Maako) is a wealthy woman with her own condo and the owner of the Seiten Birdies baseball team. She only barely managed to get a building permit for her condo and stadium by bending the law a little bit, but the land they are built on has a weak foundation. Maako has one daughter and is the girlfriend of Ojiro Sasame, though he uses her to his own advantage by stealing some of her money and mainly residing in her condo's jacuzzi. He calls her by the nickname “Makorin”. While Ojiro is in her jacuzzi, Maako declares her hate for Mitsuba and mentions about the rumors of Jobin killing his classmate to heal his incurable disease. She realizes she's late to pick up her daughter from school and accidentally steps on Ojiro's prosthetic fingers while leaving, but she promises to buy him new ones that are way better. #ESFPVillains

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ESFP (2)


7w8 (3)

Instinctual Variant

sp/sx (1)


782 (1)


Phlegmatic-Choleric (1)

Attitudinal Psyche

VELF (1)

SLOAN (Big 5)



LSE (1)

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