Maria Isabel de Alcântara Bourbon

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ENFP - 9w1 - 974 - Phlegmatic-Sanguine

(São Paulo, 28 February 1830 – 5 September 1896) was the third daughter (fifth child) of Emperor Pedro I of Brazil and his mistress, Domitila de Castro, Marchioness of Santos. Maria Isabel received the same name as her second sister, the Duchess of Ceara, who died in 1828. She was never given any titles by her father due to his marriage to Amélie of Leuchtenberg. Still, Pedro I acknowledged her as his daughter in his will but gave her no share of his state, except asking for his widow to aid in her education and upbringing. He had wished that she be given a good European education like her oldest sister, the Duchess of Goiás. However, the Marchioness declined to send the girl to Europe. Affiliations: Amélia de Leuchtenberg. Paulo Rezzutti. Pedro II of Brazil. Carlota Joaquina. Eduardo Bueno (Peninha). Pedro I of Brazil. Domitila de Castro, Marchioness of Santos. Isabel of Brazil. Maria II of Portugal. Maria Leopoldina of Austria. Carlota Joaquina of Spain. Empire of Brazil.

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