Mary Spencer

Trinity Blood (Click Me)

ESTJ - 8w9 - Choleric-Melancholic

Colonel Mary Spencer, Viscountess of Carslie, also known as "Bloody Mary" is the colonel of the Albion Navy and the illegitimate daughter of the Crown Prince in the novels and manga, which makes her Esther Blanchett's older half-sister. Mary is a confident and composed person who is evident that she doesn't bat an eye when she is slandered as "Bloody Mary" nor does she seem to be intimidated by the House of Lords when she is blamed for the failed eradication of the Ghetto. She has also shown to be gentle to other people, such as Jane Judith Jocelyn and Esther Blanchett.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ESTJ (2)

ENTP (1)


8w9 (1)


Choleric-Melancholic (1)

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