Minga y Petraca (Click Me)

Minga y Petraca (later known as Minga y Tomasa) was a television show produced in Puerto Rico by Antonio "El Gangster" Sanchez since 1992 up until early 2005 on Telemundo Puerto Rico, channel 2. Sanchez and actor Johnny Ray Rodríguez played Minga and Petraca (respectively), two middle aged, mustached "ladies" who dedicate themselves to reading such magazines as Vea, Teve Guia and other popular Puerto Rican gossip magazines. They commented on the stories published, making fun of the articles. After reading magazine articles, they would get into comedic situations with their friends, husbands and families. Their husbands have never actually been shown on the show, only their voices are heard. Minga and Petraca are from the Santurce area of San Juan.

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