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Born: February 1984 , Beirut, Lebanon Nadine Nassib Njeim is a Lebanese actress and beauty pageant titleholder who was elected Miss Lebanon 2004. She represented her home country in Miss Universe 2005 in Lebanon. Njeim was born in Beirut to a Lebanese Maronite Christian father, Nassib Njeim, originally from Duris, and a Tunisian Muslim mother. She married Hady Asmar and together they have two children, a daughter and a son. She divorced Asmar in September 2019. Since passing on her title Miss Lebanon, Njeim has pursued a career in acting, and has been cast in various lead roles for a multitude of prevalent television shows such as Law and Cello, Samra, 3eshk El Nesa, Nos Yawm, Al Hayba, Tareeq and Khamse w Noss, and she was the first Arab actress nominated to Seoul International Film Festival for Best Actress for her performance in Samra. She discusses her professionalism in acting and films such as Sorry Mom.

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