Noelle Bor

Trinity Blood (Click Me)

ESFP - 2w3 - Sanguine [Dominant]

Noelle Bor, codenamed Mistress, she had the power of visual empathy, an ability that allowed her to discern another person's emotions. She also possessed clairvoyance—an ability which enabled her to track where people have gone by following their emphatic residue. Noelle has romantic feelings for Abel Nightroad. After meeting Esther Blanchett in Rome, Noelle confesses her feelings to Abel while she and Abel were on assignment in Barcelona. Although he receives her confession gracefully, he gently lets her down by telling her he is truly blessed to have such a "special friend".

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ESFP (2)

ISFP (1)


2w3 (1)

6w7 (1)


Sanguine [Dominant] (1)

Sanguine-Melancholic (1)

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