Orson Pig

Garfield (Click Me)

ENFP - 9w1 - 926 - Lawful Good

Orson Pig is the main protagonist of U.S. Acres. He is considered the "straight man" of the cast, since his personality is more neutral. Orson is the practical and stern, but fair leader of the farm. His work ethic makes him a great leader amongst the animals. Orson has a good sense of humor, which is often tested as a common gag in the cartoons. He tends to avoid conflicts and often tries to resolve a bad situation rather than add to it. Orson loves books, with his overactive imagination often causing him to see his reality as the world described in the book when reading one. This can also bring other characters into with him, essentially morphing reality itself. He can also be gullible and will usually believe everything he reads.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ENFP (6)

ENFJ (2)

INFP (1)

ISFJ (1)


9w1 (4)


926 (1)

Alignment System

Lawful Good (1)

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