Parker Torres

Batwoman (Click Me)

INTJ - 4w3

Parker Torres is a student of Gotham Prep and reformed cyberterrorist. After being disowned by her parents for being a lesbian, she took on the moniker Terrier and blackmailed every citizen of Gotham City for their secrets in exchange for $5 billion before being apprehended by Batwoman. Batwoman eventually revealed her true identity to Parker, becoming her role model. Later, Parker is kidnapped by Hush (Thomas Elliot) to use her to translate Lucius Fox's journal, but is rescued by Batwoman and brought to the Bat-cave. When Luke and Julia are missing, Kate has Parker use the technology in the cave to track them.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

INTJ (2)


4w3 (1)

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