Sally Spears

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ISTP - 9w8 - sp/so

Sally Spears is the bored, sardonic, and slightly flirtatious Gift Shop Cashier at Boggy's Bog. She first appears in Secret of the Swamp where she is a suspect in the Murder of Richard Remington, though she later returns in Tangle Tower as Detective Grimoire's partner and sidekick, with her more serious nature providing a balance to his goofiness. In contrast with Grimoire, Sally seems to perceive the world in a realistic and boring nature, often finding more entertainment in being sarcastic and some kind of rude with others. This might be caused for her job being the cashier in charge of the Gift Shop management (A dead-looking place even before Richard Remington's murder). Despite this fact, sometimes (Specially seen in Tangle Tower), Sally shows a little more emotional side of herself and follows Grimoire in some of his occurrences while inspecting certain areas of the places.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ISTP (2)


9w8 (1)

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