Tres Iqus

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ISFJ - Melancholic-Choleric

Tres Iqus, is one of ten HC Series "Killing Doll" mechanical soldiers created by Vatican scientist Professor Gepetto Garibaldi. He is a cyborg; a machine with the exception of his brain and brainstem. Tres is almost always calm and rarely looks surprised. But unlike Bartholomaios (Tres' brother), Tres has different values than Duo Iqus has. To the point where Duo Iqus thought Tres to be broken. Holding on the highest security a memory of when he became part of the AX agents. He is loyal to the Cardinal Caterina Sforza after she claimed him as her property, doing anything she orders. He also experienced the feeling of falling in love, even though he is considered a machine.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ISFJ (1)


Melancholic-Choleric (1)

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