Weronika Rosati

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Weronika Anna Rosati (Polish pronunciation: [vɛrɔˈɲika ˈrɔsatʲi]; born 9 January 1984) is a Polish actress and a member of European Film Academy. For her role in Obława (2012), she was nominated for the Polish Film Award for Best Actress. Rosati began her acting career in Polish soaps, including M jak miłość (2002–2005, 2018–present). In 2005, she starred as Dżemma in her first theatrical feature film Pitbull. A year later, she launched her international career with a small uncredited role in Inland Empire directed by David Lynch. Since then she has appeared in many critically acclaimed Polish and international productions. She had a recurring role in the HBO TV series Luck (2012), and starred alongside Agnieszka Grochowska in Obce ciało directed by Krzysztof Zanussi.

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